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Philosophy, Curriculum and Mission Statement

Philosophy: We, the administration, faculty/staff of Saint Victor’s Preschool, dedicate ourselves to providing an environment in which we may nurture the spiritual, cognitive, psychological, social, physical and aesthetic potential in each of our preschool students. Furthermore, we believe that each child is a unique, creative, and responsive person who grows and learns through interaction with others in an atmosphere of faith, thereby fostering true Christian living.  In a positive, caring and supportive environment, therefore, we work to facilitate the development of our preschool students as caring, productive, and responsible members of their church and community.

CurriculumAt Saint Victor’s Preschool, we emphasize learning through play.  It is through play and our hands on approach that we introduce literacy, early mathematics, science, social studies, and faith formation.  Play is critical to all aspects of development, and it is the primary vehicle through which children learn.  Play stimulates creativity.  It is an inherently self-expressive activity that draws on the child’s imagination.  Finally, and perhaps most importantly, play is highly enjoyable!  By being a careful observer of children’s play, the teachers have the opportunity to discover the child’s interests and abilities.

Our curriculum emphasizes growth and learning in all the major areas of development – social and emotional development, physical development, cognitive development and language development.  To instill the love of learning is a priority at Saint Victor’s Preschool.  This includes the empowerment of one’s own ideas and feelings, leading to success in school and in life.  We promote an anti-bias curriculum through multicultural education. We strive to maintain an environment where everyone is welcome. Saint Victor’s Preschool is also dedicated to Early Childhood Faith Formation.  Every child is a gift from God, and should be given the time and resources to realize and appreciate their own innate goodness and self-worth.

Mission Statement: Saint Victor’s Preschool is a Catholic institution which assists parents in laying down a solid moral and academic foundation, thus fostering in the children, self-confidence, love of neighbor and love of God through prayer, play and study.