Preschool Director

Miss Julie Zaring has been a staff member of Saint Victor’s Preschool since its opening in 2011. She  has been teaching in the Early Childhood Education field for more than 20 years, starting as an assistant teacher in 2000. Since then, she has worked at a number of preschools across southern California. She spent 5 years at a Methodist Preschool in Long Beach, CA teaching children ages 3-5. Next came a private preschool in South Pasadena where she worked as a lead teacher (with 3’s and 4’s) for 4 years. Afterwards, Miss Julie had the privilege of being a staff member at the prestigious Child Development Center at The University of California San Diego –where she worked with children ages 3-6 years old. Before joining the staff of Saint Victor’s Preschool, Miss Julie was working with children ages 3 & 4 at a small private Orthodox Jewish Preschool in San Carlos, CA.

When not working, Miss Julie enjoys time with her husband and two children. She enjoys finding new and beautiful trails to hike along, running her dog “M” and can always be found baking anything sweet. Miss Julie is delighted to be the Director of Saint Victor’s Preschool and is looking forward to another successful school year.


Assistant Director / Lead Teacher  2’s

Miss Stephanie Alvarez has been part of the teaching team at Saint Victor’s Catholic Preschool, since its launch in 2011. While attending Harbor Occupational Center in San Pedro, CA. Stephanie Alvarez achieved a Child Development/Early Childhood Assistant Certificate and Student of The Year in the Child Development Department. She then continued her education at Los Angeles Harbor College. Since then Stephanie has come to enter her fourteenth year interacting and educating various age groups ranging from Infants, Toddlers, Two’s, and 3 to 5.

Stephanie has been a part of two well-known national organizations in the city of Los Angeles. The majority of which has been spent with Volunteers of America Early Head Start both in the classroom and as a Family Services Associate/Home visitor. By visiting families she was able to expand her knowledge in how children interact in their home setting. She’s also worked thoroughly with special needs children (speech delays, autism, and visually impaired). Being bilingual Spanish and English speaking, families are able to benefit especially in the Latin Communities where she also spent time being a part of Foundation for Early Childhood Education Inc. State Preschool. To add, she has a long list of completed respected trainings, which include The Creative Curriculum, Early Start CPSD Statewide Institute, Supporting Families with Special Needs, Sign Language, A Head Start on Science, Music, & Discipline just to name a few.

Moreover, underneath it all, she has a terrific sense of humor and finds fun creative ways to gain the children’s attention. Saint Victor’s Preschool greatly values Stephanie’s creative input, personality and dedication to all children’s development. Outside the classroom you might find her at a Dodger games or catch her enjoying live music with friends.

Preschool Teacher Pre-K

Miss Anita Aguilera has been working in the educational field for about 7 years. Her passion in working with children came to a start during her high school years where she volunteered as a teacher assistant at her local church for the Catechist department. She also has experience working with deaf and hard-of hearing toddlers where she volunteered during the summer 2011 and later completed an internship at John Tracy Clinic in 2012. After graduating from Mount St. Mary’s University in 2013, she worked at Warner Avenue Elementary School with kindergarten and second-grade students. She’s had the privilege of working with children who have Autism, Cerebral Palsy and Asperger’s Syndrome. Miss Anita joined in August and is very excited to be teaching the students at Saint Victor’s Preschool.

During her spare time, Miss Anita enjoys spending time with her family, and taking advantage of her Knott’s season pass.

Preschool Teacher 3’s

Miss Gloria Munguilla began working with children when she was a teenager in high school. During Summer vacations she worked part time as a staff at the Salesian Boys and Girls Club of Los Angeles. She also volunteered at the Oscar De La Hoya Foundation for the annual Thanksgiving and Christmas Giveaway. Miss Gloria earned her Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts from Los Angeles Southwest College. She is currently working towards her English Degree. Before starting at Saint Victor’s Preschool, Miss Gloria worked and continues to work as a 1:1 aide with group home and foster home children. Miss Gloria is very excited and eager to be teaching the students at Saint Victor’s Preschool. During her spare time, Miss Gloria enjoys spending time with her family, trying new restaurants, hiking and reading.