Summer – Week 3 –

During our 3rd awesome week of summer school, the children were able to have some hands on experience learning about different types of “Transportation”

**Transportation is defined as the movement of people, goods, or animals from one place to another. Some of the art crafts made this week included cars, airplanes and trains. We learned that walking and bicycles are forms of transportation for short distances, while airplanes and  trains are forms of transportation for very long distances. What fun we had learning about transportation!


With the help from some of our dedicated parents we were able to take our first class field trip of the summer — Travel Town Museum and Griffith Park! What better way to illustrate transportation than going to a train museum! The children had an amazing time looking at the trains and hearing a Thomas The Tank Engine Story. Afterwards, we headed to the Griffith Park Pony and Train rides area — each of the children got a ticket to ride on the Griffith Park & Souther Railroad — as well as a wagon ride driven by two ponies! What a wonderful week! We’re rolling right along to our next week of summer school!

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