Summer – Week 7 –

This week was all about having hands on experience with experiments. The children got to be little “Scientists”, mixing different colors with different textures and producing very interesting, if not downright fun results! The definite highlight of the week came in the form of a field trip to The Griffith Park Observatory in the Hollywood Hills. Astronomy is of course a  form of science and one of the most fascinating for children. There are countless songs and lullabies dedicated to the moon and stars that are heard from birth — so naturally, Astronomy was our science of choice for the children to experience a field trip with.

Among the questions asked this week were:

1.) What do you get when you + Shaving cream + glue and food coloring? 2.) How do you make Flubber?

2.) How do you make Flubber?

3.) What do you get when you mix cornstarch + water?

The following pictures are the answers to the wonderful questions asked! photo photo

IMG_7740 IMG_7742 IMG_7711 IMG_7710