Chapel Time

Every week the children have a special day dedicated to faith formation and worship, which we call “Chapel Time “. It was created (in addition to the daily classroom teachings) to further highlight God’s everlasting love for all of us. Chapel Time is designed to include various activities including; attending the noon mass at Saint Victor Church, singing songs of praise, listening to short bible stories, creating beautiful faith based arts and crafts projects, and lastly spending time with either Sr. Marta Ann or Monsignor Murphy listening to their words of love, wisdom and faith.

This week, the teachers and children all helped to create a beautiful life sized rendition of Jesus on the cross. This project helped to illustrate the difference between a crucifix and a cross. If Jesus appears on the cross then it is called a crucifix. If the cross is plain without a Jesus figure, it is simply called a cross.The children helped by painting the cross brown as well as parts of the Jesus figure. Along with painting the cross and Jesus, the children listened to Sr. Marta Ann explain what  the “INRI” written at the top of the crucifix represents. The letters translate (in Latin) to “Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Jews”, and that Jesus is the son of God. Afterwards, the children, Sr. Marta Ann,  Miss Stephanie, Miss Kimberly and Miss Diana took a short walking trip up to Saint Victor Church. It was a beautiful and meaningful  Chapel Time this week.