May our beloved Pastor rest in eternal peace

Saint Victor’s Preschool lost its beloved Pastor and preschool founder Monsignor Jeremiah T. Murphy at 1:14 PST on March 3rd, 2017 -Ash Wednesday.

Please say a prayer for our beloved Monsignor Murphy for without whom this preschool would not exist today. It was Monsignor’s dream to create a loving, caring and enriching preschool environment with a solid Catholic foundation. In this, Monsignor Murphy succeeded. Nothing made Monsignor happier than to see the children of Saint Victor’s Preschool playing and learning. Let us all be thankful that he lived to see his dream become a reality. 

 Although Monsignor Murphy has passed on — his spirit will remain ever present here in the preschool that he envisioned and helped build for the children of West Hollywood and surrounding cities. May he always be a guiding force for the preschool in the years to come. 

Monsignor Jeremiah T. Murphy 

 08/19/37 – 03/01/17