Saint Victor’s Preschool Annual Halloween Show/Trick-or-treat Parade

This Halloween brought out the most adorable ballerinas, super heroes, witches, pumpkins, mermaids, ghosts and sharks ever! This year we celebrated with our annual Halloween show and trick-or-treat costume parade around the preschool!

A BIG thank you to all our wonderful parent volunteers for passing out candy on our parade route — you did an amazing job!! Also a big thank you the parents that arrived in costume — we are always so delightfully surprised by the creativity our parents display!

Happiest of Halloweens to you from Saint Victor’s Preschool! IMG_9172IMG_9161IMG_9369IMG_9365IMG_9362IMG_9353IMG_9335IMG_9322IMG_9307IMG_9303IMG_9300IMG_9290IMG_9284IMG_9276IMG_9266IMG_9265IMG_9263IMG_9260IMG_9250IMG_9236IMG_9222IMG_9218IMG_9199IMG_9186