Summer School Week 2 – “Gardening”

The second week of summer school was all about  “Gardening”! The children learned all about the different parts of a flower — i.e. stem, petal, roots! They even got to do some “hands on” gardening in the back yard playground.

Miss Alejandra and the children planted various seeds into soil  — all the children were given the opportunity to touch and feel the soil before planting the seeds. The children will continue to water their own special plants throughout the summer — we are excited to watch our plants grow!!

In addition to planting flowers, the children took a stroll up to the garden sanctuary directly in front of Saint Victor Church! The garden sanctuary has many, many beautiful flowers in bloom and is truly a secret garden of sorts. In the classroom, the children painted sunflowers and read stories about flowers.

It was a beautiful week of growing and learning!

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