Summer School Week 3 – “Farm Animals”

“Farm animals” was the theme for our third awesome week of summer school! We talked about various farm/barnyard animals including cows, horses, chickens, pigs and sheep! The children learned that cows make milk, chickens lay eggs and pigs like to roll around in the mud to keep themselves cool.

The fun crafts included cotton ball sheep, cute pink pigs in mud (brown paint), horses of all colors and chickens too! We had so much fun singing “Old McDonald had a farm”, reading “The Three Little Pigs”, and “The little red hen”!  The preschool went for a walk around the church and the neighborhood — taking short walking trips helps build safety awareness! All in all, it was a super fun week!


IMG_6056   IMG_6029   IMG_6028   IMG_6048   IMG_6052       IMG_6051 2