Nature Walk!

On a beautiful fall day this past week, Saint Victor’s Preschool went for a nature walk — to pick up leaves for the classroom! Taking small walks around the neighborhood helps teach the children about safety, strangers and stopping to look both ways before crossing a street. The children also get to see the world outside the classroom! We waved to cars passing by, picked up lots of leaves and stopped to take pictures by the preschool’s sign on Holloway Drive. After our nature walk, the children played in the church’s front garden/sanctuary! Lots and lots of fun!!

If you happen to see us walking around the neighborhood, please give us a wave!

IMG_1270 IMG_1298 IMG_1308 IMG_1322 IMG_1327 IMG_1342 IMG_1376 IMG_1379 IMG_1382 IMG_1353 IMG_1393 IMG_1344